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Safe DIY Skin Lightening Tips And Treatments


Achieving a whiter, healthier skin doesn’t need to be expensive. You can skip going to a pricey dermatologist, provided that you do your research and exercise caution in buying products. In other words, it is possible for anyone in the world to perform a safe do-it-yourself skin lightening regimen. To kick off your journey, here are some pointers for your guide.

Safe DIY Skin Lightening Tips And Treatments
Safe DIY Skin Lightening Tips And Treatments

How To Lighten Skin?

First, know your skin.

Every beauty transformation starts with awareness, always. What are you allergic to? Is your skin extra sensitive? Oily? Or perhaps dry and flaky? These questions will help you determine the right whitening product to buy in the already saturated beauty market. For instance, if your skin reacts to strong fragrances, then your whitening soap should be scent-free.

Second, set realistic expectations.

No significant change happens overnight. It’s a process that necessitates persistent product application and patience. Consumers make the mistake of shifting from one whitening product to another only after a week of use. Chemists would agree, however, that constant shifting is not a solution, unless of course there is an allergic reaction. Be realistic and be patient with the process. Stick to a whitening product once skin and product compatibility has been established.

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Third, go natural.

The world has become so toxic that the trend now is to go green or die. Likewise, in beauty, you can either embrace chemical-filled products or choose the natural way of lightening your skin. Using the natural means, you can extract the classic lemon juice and rub it on the target area using a cotton ball. Leave it on for 15 minutes before rinsing. Papaya is also a staple natural whitening ingredient, although its availability is limited unless you live in a tropical country. Crush a portion of the papaya fruit including the skin and turn it into a scrub. Papaya is rich in the winning skin vitamins combo – A, C, and E. It also contains papain enzymes which help in cell regeneration, giving you not only a lighter but also healthier complexion.

Of course, nothing can ever go wrong with kitchen and backyard whitening recipes, unless again your skin is ultra-sensitive to acids. But the results may take more time before showing. There are several whitening or bleaching packaged products in the market now that are paraben-free and specially formulated with natural buffer ingredients such as Intilight. Such are milder and safer compared to the strong and potentially-damaging creams and gels. You can search your nearby grocery store or browse online for the brand that suits you.

Fourth, avoid ammonia.

At all costs, avoid the DIY bleaching package of ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, soap scraps, and henna powder. True enough, it’s affordable and you will notice your skin lightened up a little after a single use. But ammonia is too strong to cause burning of the throat, eyes, nose, or even the respiratory passage when inhaled and irritation when applied directly on skin. Worst, ammonia can cause poisoning and death.  

Fifth, do not over-apply the product.

Some people rush the process and tend to over apply the product or scrub intensely. Remember that too much of anything is not advisable. This may harm your skin and eventually affect your entire system.

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Lastly, do not compromise product quality over affordability. Safety should be your top priority, especially when it comes to your intimate body parts where the skin is most sensitive.


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