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Top 10 Weight Loss Foods – Daily Diet


So, now you are here to find Weight Loss Foods. Do you know losing weight is a natural process? Just follow some Diet Foods and rapidly loss weight. Now you think what to eat to lose weight? Don’t be worry today we tell you best foods to lose weight.

Top 10 Weight Loss Foods – Daily Diet

To lose weight you just need to eat protein, carbs, fiber. What happens when you eat this? These foods increase your metabolism. And as a result, you will feel full for a long time.

Add these Healthy Foods For Weight Loss to your daily routine. By that, you can get rid of your fat.

Healthy Foods For Weight Loss


I have read one article in Journal of Nutrition. In that one study is published. A person who drinks 5 cups green tea daily can lose weight more than a person who workout 25 in a gym. Green tea is a greatest drink for weight loss.

#Lemon –Vitamin C

Lemon has acidic property. It will help you to burn your fat. Add some lemon juice in warm water and drink it. Drink this mixture in every morning. You will loss your weight within 2 weeks.


Honey is a natural sweetener. In one study they researcher found that honey with warm water is best for weight loss. Honey has antiviral, antifungal properties. It also helps you to control sugar in your blood. Honey also improves your immunity.

Diet Foods


Are you surprised??? Yes, vinegar helps for weight lose. Add vinegar to your daily salad. It will make you fell full. It prevents you from fat accumulation.

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#SALAD – Fibers

In many weight loss types of research, researchers found that add salad in your diet food is the best option. Do you know why it works?? Because salad has lots of fibers. Like, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce have lots of fibers. If you eat fibers with vinegar, it gives you best result.

what to eat to lose weight

You can Lose POUNDS per day by following this Diet Foods Fast Fast Weight Loss.

If you have any other Healthy Foods For Weight Loss, then tell us in a comment.

Eat healthily, stay healthy…

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